Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, 2019

The best faculty members combine intense intellectual curiosity with a talent for high-quality teaching, active prosecution of research, scholarly and/or creative work, and a demonstrable commitment to productive professional service. The university seeks to reward through tenure and promotion those persons who exhibit the highest standards of teaching, research and service.

Katherine Abbott

Department of Sociology & Gerontology

Katherine Batchelor

Department of Teacher Education

Kristen Budd

Department of Sociology & Gerontology

Karen Brown

Department of Nursing

Amelie Davis

Department of Geography/Institute for the Environment & Sustainability

Bob De Schutter

Armstrong Institute of Interactive Media Studies

Scott Friend

Department of Marketing

Mack Hagood

Department of Media, Journalism, & Film

Frank Huang

Department of Music

Yao "Henry" Jin

Department of Management

Seonjin Kim

Department of Statistics

Dominik Konkolewicz

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jonathan Kuntsman

Department of Psychology

Jeff Kuznekoff

Department of Interdisciplinary and Communications Studies

Hongmei Li (tenure)

Department of Media, Journalisn, & Film

Michele Navakas

Department of English

Barbara Oswald

Department of Social and Behavioral Studies

Andrew Paluch

Department of Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering

Alexandru Alin Pogan

Department of Math

Andrea Righi

Department of French and Italian

Amy Roberts

Department of Family Science & Social Work

Jennifer Rode (tenure)

Department of Nursing

Brody Ruihley

Department of Kinesiology & Health

Suzanne Stricklin (tenure)

Department of Nursing

Chris Sutter

Department of Management

Eric Stenstrom

Department of Marketing

Sarah Watt

Department of Educational Psychology