Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, 2020

The best faculty members combine intense intellectual curiosity with a talent for high-quality teaching, active prosecution of research, scholarly and/or creative work, and a demonstrable commitment to productive professional service. The university seeks to reward through tenure and promotion those persons who exhibit the highest standards of teaching, research and service.

Stephanie Baer

Department of Art

James Bielo

Department of Anthropology

William Brink

Department of Accountancy

Michelle Buchberger

Department of Interdisciplinary & Communication Studies

Michael Conger

Department of Management

Stephanie Danker

Department of Art

Gregory Fisher

Department of Marketing

Nathan French

Department of Comparative Religion

Haim Kassa Gebeyehu

Department of Finance

Tracey Hoffman

Department of Education & Society

Daniela Inclezan

Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering

Mahmud Khan

Department of Physics



Mary Kovach

Department of Commerce

Tim Lockridge

Department of English

Joshua Magee

Department of Psychology

Sara McLaughlin

Department of Sociology & Gerontology

Fadel Megahed

Department of Information Systems & Analytics

Beth Miller

Department of Kinesiology & Health

William Moser

Department of Accountancy

Greg Niemesh

Department of Economics

Karthik Vishwanath

Department of Physics

Maria Weese

Department of Information Systems & Analytics

David Woods

Department of Computer & Information Technology