Excellence in Academic Advising Award Recipients

Dr. Tammy Kernodle, Professor of Music and the 2018 Benjamin Harrison Award recipient
 Dr. Dominik Konkolewicz, Assistant Professor in Cheministry & Biochemistry and a 2018 Junior Faculty Scholar
 Diane Delisio, Senior Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Computing, and a 2018 Distinguished Service Award recipient
 The University Awards recipients honored at a reception in April 2018.
 Randi Thomas, Director of Institutional Relations and a 2018 Distinguished Service Award recipient
 Provost's Student Academic Achievement Award recipients – 2018
 Dr. John Bailer, Chair and Professor of Statistics and the 2018 E. Phillips Knox Distinguished Teaching Award recipient
 Dr. Eun Chong Yang, Associate Director, American Culture and English (ACE) Program and 2018 Excellence in Career Development Awardee


Amanda Pyzoha, Ernst and Young Professional Development Advisor, Department of Accountancy, Farmer School of Business

Keisha Norris, Assistant Director of Academic Advising and Diversity Initiatives, College of Engineering and Computing


Christa Branson, Associate Director, Academic Advising, College of Arts and Science

Stephanie Danker, Associate Professor and Lead Departmental Advisor, Department of Art


Christina Grote, Senior Academic Advisor, Regional Student Services

Jay Smart, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


Gregory Phillips, Associate Professor, Department of Music

Heeyoung Tai, Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Edgar Caraballo, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Terri Spahr Nelson, Instructor, Department of Family Science & Social Work


Marianne Murphy, Professor and Chair, Department of Computer & Information Technology

Dennis Tobin, Associate Professor, Department of Art


Brian Kirkmeyer, Karen Buchwald Wright Senior Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Engineering & Computing

Norm Krumpe, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering


Donna Evans, Lecturer, Department of Computer and Information Technology

Chanelle White, Senior Academic Advisor, Farmer School of Business


Rosalyn Benson, Assistant Dean, College of Creative Arts

Melanie Ziegler, Senior Lecturer, International Studies Program


Marti Kyger, Assistant Dean, Farmer School of Business

Patrick Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of English

Katie Shoemaker, Resident Director and First-Year Advisor, Office of Residence Life


Claudia Scott-Pavloff, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Science

Larry Nadler, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication