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Testing Center Agreement

In some instances you may be asked to complete a Testing Center Agreement. If applicable, this information will be included when you receive the Faculty Notification Letter. You will be prompted to complete an agreement for each course section you are teaching with at least one student who is eligible for a testing accommodation.

The purpose of the agreement is to provide testing center staff with pertinent information necessary to proctor exams. Only one agreement needs to be completed for each course section. The provided information pertains to all affiliated SDS students enrolled in the course section. You can review or modify the agreement by visiting your SAM: Students Accessing Miami Faculty Portal or contacting the testing center on your campus.

Remote Proctoring of Exams

SDS recognizes that faculty members may choose to use remote proctoring software to administer exams. Students with testing accommodations may choose to use the Testing Center to take exams that are remotely proctored. Certain considerations are needed in order to ensure the accessibility of remotely proctored exams.

What accessibility guidelines should I follow for Proctorio?

Proctorio may be used to monitor exams but there are specific accessibility considerations. The application presents barriers for screen reader users, text-to-speech software users, and people with limited mobility if settings are not adjusted properly. For students with an "Exams in Accessible Format" accommodation, use one of these two solutions:

Option 1

Use the Exam Flexibility feature available through the Moderate Quiz options in Canvas to turn off Proctorio for individual students in your course. Review Enable Proctorio Exam Flexibility Video for instructions. The student should then take the exam in the testing center or an alternate proctored setting.

Option 2

To address accessibility concerns in Proctorio, the following setting adjustments must be made:

  1. Turn off all Lock Down Options.
  2. Turn off the Record Room Recording Option.
  3. Turn off the Verify ID Verification Option.

Text to speech software will not integrate with any of the Lock Down features. Users with limited mobility cannot independently use the ID Verification and Room Scan features.

You will still have access to remaining monitoring features including record video, audio, screen and web traffic. You can make the setting adjustments for the entire class or duplicate the quiz and use the Assign a Quiz to an Individual Student to make the quiz with recommended accessibility settings available only for eligible students.

For more information regarding Testing Center procedures, please contact:

Hamilton Campus

Student Disability Services
Rentschler Hall Room 130 
Phone: 513-785-3211

Middletown Campus

Student Disability Services
Johnston Hall Room 14A 
Phone: 513-727-3312

Contact Us

The Miller Center for Student Disability Services

304 Shriver Center
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