Transfer Admission

We welcome applications from transfer students for both the fall and spring semesters. Students who have the strongest academic records are given priority. In recent years, most transfer students with a 2.75 average grade point average (GPA) or better in a rigorous academic curriculum have been admitted for admission. However, when space and facilities permit, transfer students who are below this average but who have a minimum of a 2.00 average will be considered. A student who has been attending college during the past two calendar years and has a GPA below 2.00 will not be considered for admission.

In computing the GPA of transfer applicants, Miami will honor the cumulative GPA as reported on the official transcript. In the case of multiple institutions attended, Miami will recalculate an overall GPA for admission and scholarship purposes.

Admission is granted on a provisional basis. Students must submit a final transcript of all college work taken prior to the start of classes at Miami. Final transcripts must indicate good standing in all respects. When reviewing final transcripts, any incomplete grades will be considered as a failure of the course. If we find the provisions outlined in the admittance letter and packet are not met, the acceptance may be canceled.

Applicants from another Ohio public institution who have completed the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) and have been awarded an associate degree from that institution will receive preferential admission consideration in accordance with the Ohio State Articulation and Transfer Policy.