CADS Summer Research Fellowship Program Awards 5 Research Grants

Congrats to our research grant recipients: Dr. Tom Fisher, Dr. Jing Zhang, Dr. DJ Rao, Dr. Ben Gung, Dr. Craig Williamson, and Dr. Byran Smucker

May 5, 2017

This spring the Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS) selected its first Summer Research Fellowships. The purpose of the CADS Summer Fellowship program is to encourage new research in analytics or data science. Through this competitive program, CADS is supporting five research projects and awarded a total of $24,000 in research grants to faculty.

Below is a list of the grants recipients and the research they will be conducting:

  • Dr. DJ Rao, Assistant Professor of Computer Science: Dr. Rao will be developing a method for calibrating the parameters of spatio-temporal epidemiological models applied to mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, Yellow Fever, etc.
  • Dr. Tom Fisher, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Dr. Jing Zhang, Associate Professor of Statistics: Dr. Fisher and Dr. Zhang will be working on adapting Bayesian variable selection methods for predictive models in a large data scenario.
  • Dr. Ben Gung, Professor of Chemistry: Dr. Gung will be working to develop a spectroscopy database. This database will be used to develop machine learning algorithms to support the drug synthesis process that is a traditionally cumbersome process for organic chemists.
  • Dr. Byran Smucker, Associate Professor of Statistics: Dr. Smucker will be developing a unique sampling method to aid in logistic regression model selection in a big data scenario. His work will be directly applied to a data set from Miami University’s development office for use in donor selection.
  • Dr. Craig Williamson, Professor of Biology: Dr. Williamson will be working on an initiative with the Miami Ecological Big Data Initiative and CADS to merge high-frequency data from freshwater lake sensors with weather data. They will explore the use of cognitive computing in hopes of gaining rapid insights into the influence of climate and environmental changes on freshwater quality and ecosystem function.

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