Bell Tower

bell tower lockers bell tower lockers
Welcome to Bell Tower, the ultimate dining destination for the Miami community. Our innovative approach to on-the-go dining brings you a cutting-edge experience with three distinct "ghost kitchens." These versatile kitchens allow us to cater to the ever-evolving culinary desires and preferences of the Miami community.

Ordering from Bell Tower is a breeze. Simply access the Grubhub App or visit one of our conveniently located Grubhub kiosks within Bell Tower. Once you've placed your order, our team will carefully prepare your meal and store it in a food locker. Retrieving your food is effortless. Just use your mobile device to easily locate and unlock the designated locker—an efficient and seamless process.

Students can also use their MEAL SWIPES to order delicious to-go combos from Bell Tower. This fantastic addition offers even more convenience and accessibility for Miami students.

Can't make it to Bell Tower? No problem! Through the Grubhub app, students can now enjoy the convenience of ordering from any of the Bell Tower concepts and have their meals promptly delivered to them on campus by a Starship Robot.