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About Catering

As the sole provider of catering services at Miami University, we have the experience and knowledge to handle planning your event from large-scale gatherings to intimate dinners. Our award winning chefs trained at some of the finest culinary schools in the world and have designed menu options sure to dazzle! We offer full-service catering and drop-off catering services that can meet your event needs. Whether your event needs full service, or simply drop-off service, we have a menu for you! 

Nut-Friendly Catering

Miami University is a "nut friendly" campus. This means that we do not actively use nuts in our recipes. We also do not purchase commercial products that contain a "may contain [nuts]" statement. However, we do carry products that contain a "produced in the same facility as [nuts]" and/or "processed on shared equipment with [nuts]" statement. These items are coded on our menus with an allergen icon that resembles a factory. We do carry sealed nut products in our convenience stores and our "nut friendly" initiatives do not apply to any Starbucks location.

Booking Guidelines

Full Service Staffed Events
At least 14 days in advance
Set-Up/Return On-site or Campus Deliveries
At least 7 days in advance
Drop Off Delivery Orders
At least 48 hours in advance