Junior year is a time when you begin to think about your plans after graduation and how you want to use your major. Whether you are considering a job or graduate or professional school, here are some important steps to take:

Register with the Center for Career Exploration and Success to take advantage of  Internship Opportunities.

Attend Career Fairs and Expos (Center for Career Exploration and Success).

Attend career advising programs & events offered through the Center for Career Exploration and Success.

Work on your resume early.

Meet with your faculty advisor or pre-professional advisor to:

  • Determine if your current grades are strong enough to pursue graduate or professional school.
  • Review graduate school options (Center for Career Exploration and Success).
  • Research graduate or professional schools.
  • Determine the best time to take entrance exams such as the GRE, LSAT, & MCAT.
  • Discuss letters of recommendation with your faculty advisor.
  • Investigate assistantships, scholarships and fellowships offered by graduate programs.
  • Supplement your coursework with courses that will strengthen your application.

Meet with a CAS academic advisor to:

  • Discuss whether you need to modify your goals based on a change of interest or plans to attend graduate or professional school.
  • Discuss whether you should add a minor.
  • Talk about study abroad and away programs and how international programs may meet your graduation requirements and complement your academic program.
  • Share future goals (even if they're not well defined) to brainstorm ideas and resources to help you determine your next steps.