Havighurst Special Programming

A Russian ballet troupe performs onstage
Decorated Russian Easter eggs

1917 Centennial

1989, Then and Now

Cold War CultureThe Havighurst Center is focused on the theme of Cold War Culture during the 2007-2009 academic years.

Grass Routes: Pathway to Eurasian Cultures

The Gulag in History and Memory

Ilkhom Theatre Artists-in-Residence-The Ilkhom Theatre was one of the first professional theatres not depending on any state institution for cultural affairs in the history of the former USSR. It was founded in 1976 by the late director Mark Weil, who was part of the group of Tashkent Theatre Institute graduates.

Maria Gaidar, Founder of DA (Democratic Alternatives)

Putin's Russia

Russian Journalism Under Fire-This page emerged from a conference on the current state of journalism in Russia in Spring 2007. The page was built by Miami graduate Nick D'Amico.

Russian Tour Choir

Silk Road ExplorAsian-The Havighurst Center focused on the historical and contemporary cultures of the Silk Road during the academic years 2005-6 and 2006-7. As part of that focus, 15 Miami faculty received a Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad grant, to make a trip along the Silk Road. The website for the trip can be found at The Miami University Silk Road Project. The website for the Silk Road Project was created by Prof. Steve Nimis in the Department of Classics.

Valdai Discussion Club (Moscow & Kazan)-The Valdai Club, organized by RIA Novosti and the Council on foreign and defense policy, as well as The Moscow Times, Russia in Global Affairs, and Russia Profile, united leading political scientists, Russian experts, and heads of major foreign policy and research centers on the eve of the 2007 Russian parliamentary elections and the 2008 presidential race.