Creative Horizons


Creative Horizons
is a collaboration between the Havighurst Center, Arizona State University’s Melikian Center, and the Institute on Russia at the University of South Florida.  Building on separate experiments in virtual programming since Spring 2020, this joint venture will give audiences in Arizona, Florida, Ohio and beyond the opportunity to hear from working artists in the region as they discuss their methods, perspectives and aspirations. The series features videos produced in collaboration by the featured artists and videographer Ari Gajraj, followed by online discussions featuring the artist and moderated by regional specialists from ASU, USF or Miami University.  

April 11
Q&A session with Ukrainian artists, moderated by Alisa Lozhkina

Ukrainian artists are practicing their craft under the very dangerous conditions of Russia's war on Ukraine.  Join us as we ask them about their art and what makes them continue their creative pursuits even when their lives are at risk.

Alisha Lozhkina, Ukrainian art historian, critic, and curator, moderates this Q&A session with contemporary Ukrainian artists and helps us to learn their stories and what they have to tell us today through their creative work.

A recording of the event is available here.


March 14  
Ukrainian Writer Who Escaped the Bombs: Kateryna Babkina Tells Her Story
Kateryna Babkina, Ukrainian writer and previously featured artist on Creative Horizons, will tell her story of fleeing from Kyiv to the Polish border with her mother and 1-year old daughter as Russia began to bomb Ukraine.

A recording of the event is available here.


Previously featured artists:

Kateryna Babkina
Kateryna Babkina is a poet, novelist, and playwright. She is the author of four poetry collections, a novel, a novel in short stories and two collections of stories, as well as popular children’s books.
View her video created for the series and follow-up Q&A.

Ermina Takenova
Ermina Takenova is an animator, director and illustrator who hails from Almaty, Kazakhstan. She received her MA in animation from the Royal College of Art in London in 2016. She works as a motion designer at Miri Growth, a marketing and advertising firm. 
View her video created for the series and follow-up Q&A.

Szabolcs KissPál
Szabolcs KissPál is a Hungarian artist based in Budapest. His work engages with the social and political circumstances in which he lives and the rôle of the artist in society, particularly in the post-communist world.
View his video created for the series and follow-up Q&A.

Vladimir Tsesler 
Vladimir Tsesler is a well-known Belarussian artist who is in self-exile from his home country due to political persecution.
View his video created for the series and follow-up Q&A.

Victoria Lomasko
The first featured artist was muralist and graphic reporter Victoria Lomasko, whose 2017 book Other Russias attracted widespread reviews and attention, including coverage in the New Yorker,  the LA Review of Books, and The Calvert Journal. Other Russias also won the 2018 Pushkin House Prize for the best book in translation.   In 2019, Vika visited the Melikian Center and the Havighurst Center, where she created the mural Atlases for Miami's King library. 
View her video created for the series and follow-up Q&A.