Winter Term

January 2-25

Spring Classes Begin

January 27

What Job Can I Get With My College of Arts and Science Major?

February 10; 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Degrees in the College of Arts and Science mean unique and marketable skill sets. Graduating seniors want to find a job. First-year, sophomore, and junior students want to know their major is for them. This lab event will feature practical tools and hands-on work to ensure success in knowing all that your major can mean for you. All students are welcome …

CAS Career Fair Networking Night

February 11; 4 - 6 pm

The College of Arts & Science Networking Night is for students to network with select recruiters and alumni prior to the Spring Career Fair. Additionally, this event will provide you with the opportunity to learn about career paths, build connections and develop your networking skills …

Spring Career & Internship Fair

February 12; 1 - 5 pm

Get your job search underway at Spring Career Fair 2020. This all-majors event is a great way to land the perfect job or internship as well as network with employers and alumni eager to connect with you …

"The Art and Science of Storytelling"

February 20; 3 - 6 pm

Communicating effectively with data is a skill imperative to master for influence in today's business climate. It is through data stories that organizational change happens. To begin, it's imperative to know the problem you are trying to solve. Knowing the question to be answered helps you interpret the results, and know what type of data you need to collect to solve the problem. Exploring this data allows you to compare expectations to reality, a vital step in any data analytics project. Formal modelling of the data highlights the insights, the stories, told by your data. These collective stories are the most influential way to ensure the insights are understood, socialized and acted upon …