Students enrolled in the department’s various program can earn academic credit for internships. Students applying for internship credit through the English Department must be in good academic standing and must have earned 30 semester hours credit at Miami (i.e., sophomore standing) before they begin the internship. No more than 20 hours of internship credit may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

During the semester or summer term in which the internship is completed, journalism students must enroll in English 419, Journalism Internship (3 of 6 credit hours); other students must enroll in English 340, Internship (1-20 credit hours). An internship will normally be assigned a letter grade, whether or not the intern is paid a salary during the internship; however, students other than Journalism students may opt to register on a credit/no credit basis.

For more information about the department’s internship policies, as well as for copies of the form necessary to register, see the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in 356H Bachelor Hall.Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies.

Patrick Murphy 
356H Bachelor Hall