Portfolio Credit

An Invitation to Entering Students

You are invited to participate in the Miami University Portfolio Writing Program by submitting a collection of your best writing:

  • Earn up to three Miami University credits toward graduation
  • For students entering in the Fall of 2020, submission window: Friday, May 1 to Monday, July 6 at 5pm
  • Receive results of your submission

A portfolio is a collection of written work you select and assemble to showcase your writing talent. Following the guidelines set out on the Portfolio Contents page, you may choose your own topics and revise your work as much as you like. You will include in your portfolio writing genres that resemble the kind of writing done in Miami’s first-year composition classes. Your portfolio will be evaluated by Miami composition instructors.

For important information about submissions and the link to submit go to Submission Requirements.

Mandy Olejnik, Portfolio Program Director

About the Program

In 1990, Miami University became the first institution of higher learning to award students college credit and advanced placement based on a collection of their best high school writing. Few universities across the country present first-year students with the opportunity to receive advanced credit by submitting a portfolio; Miami’s program is unique, and each year many incoming students participate.

The Miami University Portfolio Writing Program

was established by Laurel Black, Don Daiker, Jeffrey Sommers, and Gail Stygall to value and encourage high school writing and to provide a fairer way of evaluating it than the standard timed placement examinations. The success of the program owes much of its continuing support to LuMing Mao, chair of the English Department; former chairs Kerry Powell, Diane Sadoff, C. Barry Chabot and Keith Tuma; Sara Webb-Sunderhaus, College Composition director; and former directors, Jason Palmeri, James Porter, John Tassoni, Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Diana Royer, Jennie Dautermann, Mary Fuller, John Heyda, Susan Jarratt, and Max Morenberg.

Five outstanding secondary English teachers helped create the portfolio program

Marilyn Elzey of Talawanda High School in Oxford; D.J. Hammond of Madeira High School in Cincinnati; John Kuehn of Kettering Fairmont High School; Teri Phillips of Mt. Healthy High School; Bob Dizney of Fairfield High School; Teresa McGowan of Hamilton High School; and Penni Meyer and Sharon Rab of Kettering Fairmont High School.

The portfolio program has been supported by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) of the U.S. Department of Education.

Additional funding has come from the Miami University Center for the Study of Writing, the Ohio Writing Project, and the Follett’s Miami Co-op Bookstore.

We thank all of the dedicated high school English teachers who have given their students the time, opportunity, and motivation to work on the various kinds of writing that a portfolio requires. In both their reflective letters and personal correspondence, participating students frequently share the appreciation they feel for these teachers whose classrooms have made a difference in their lives as writers—and as people.

Most importantly, we thank the thousands of high school students who have worked hard to compile portfolios and who have generously shared their writing with us. Reading their writing has been and continues to be such a pleasure and an honor.