2020 Penny Lecture Series

BWS/SJS/SOC: 265 - Critical Inquiry and Penny Lecture Series
(2 Credit Hours) - 2020 Theme: Gender, Empowerment and  Social Movements

All lectures in 007 Upham Hall, 6:00-7:40 pm. Open to the public.

photo of Rodney Coates"Introduction: Gender, Empowerment and Social Movements"

January 27

Rodney Coates (Global and Intercultural Studies, Sociology)

photo of Elena Jackson Albarrán"From Guns to Glitter: A Visual History of Women Rising up against the State in Mexico"

February 3

Elena Jackson Albarrán (Global and Intercultural Studies/LAS, History)

photo of Paula Gandara"God is a Woman: Elza Soores, Sexual Politics and Social Movements"

February 10

Paula Gandara (Spanish and Portuguese/Lusophone Studies)

photo of Zeynep Aydogdu"Women's Rights, Orientalism and Civilizing Missions: Reflections on a Turkish Immigrant's Legacy to the Suffrage Movement"

February 17

Zeynep Aydogdu (Global and Intercultural Studies)

photo of Leland Spencer"Black Queer Womanhood Matters: Searching for the Queer Herstory of Black Lives Matter in Television Dramas"

February 24

Leland Spencer (Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies)

photo of Dan DiPiero"Many Small Other Worlds: Politics and Feelings in the Music of The Ophelias"

March 2

Dan DiPiero (Global and Intercultural Studies)

photo of Yurida Ramirez"P'urhépecha Women & Rebellion at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century"

March 9

Yurida Ramirez (Global and Intercultural Studies)

photo of Nishani Frazier"Politics, Gender, and the Black Power Divide: Shirley Chisolm and the Cleveland Stokes Brothers"

March 16

Nishani Frazier (History)

Spring Break

photo of Elizabeth Stigler"Gendered Space, Identity, and Resistance"

March 30

Elizabeth Stigler (Global and Intercultural Studies)

photo of Ricardo Averbach"The Muses of Cannibalism"

April 6

Ricardo Averbach (Director of Orchestral Studies)

photo of Marsha Robinson"Rome's On-going War against Hannibal's Matriarchal Empire"

April 13

Marsha Robinson (Humanities and Creative Arts)

photo of Durell M. Callier"Black Woman Slaughter and Black Mattering: Reflections and Meditations on Remembering to #SayHerName"

April 20

Durell M. Callier (Educational Leadership)

photo of Richelle Frabotta"What's Power Got to Do With It?: The Role of Women in a Sex Negative Culture"

April 27

Richelle Frabotta (Family Science and Social Work)

photo of Rodney Coates"Conclusion: The Future of Gender, Empowerment and Social Movements"

May 4

Rodney Coates (Global and Intercultural Studies, Sociology)