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Department-Wide Grading Policy

The following grading policies and rubrics are followed by all courses housed within the Department:


Superior performance; consistent excellence in both written assignments and class participation. For example, in a language course there is excellent command of the skills, knowledge base and concepts of the course; in a literature course there is nearly flawless command of the concepts and in written and/or oral work, superior analysis going beyond class discussion, showing original critical thinking, synthesis of ideas and identification of relationships.


Very good performance in both written and oral work. All assigned work is completed accurately and well; both written and oral work demonstrate knowledge and understanding of principles in spite of occasional errors. Writing is clear and shows logical organization.


Shows mastery of many of the basic concepts of the course, but there is frequent inaccuracy or error of fact or knowledge. Written and oral work show some gaps in completeness or correctness. Mastery of concepts is sufficient to continue to the next course.


Work demonstrates some familiarity with basic concepts but is deficient in important ways; oral and written assignments are incomplete or missing or show major gaps in knowledge or understanding of fundamentals. Continuation to the next course is possible but inadvisable.


Work is missing or seriously incomplete or is fundamentally off the point.