Study Abroad Workshop

Psychology in Japan: A Study Abroad Workshop 

Directors: Dr. Virginia Wickline and Dr. Deborah Wiese (Clinical Psychology)

An inaugural group of students (10 undergraduates, 1 graduate student) joined Drs. Deborah Wiese and Dr. Virginia Wickline for the psychology department's first-ever faculty-led study abroad immersion workshop entitled "Psychology in Japan." This study abroad workshop was specifically designed for students in psychology but was also open to non-majors. The workshop reviewed a host of psychology- related topics as they related to Japanese life, values, and behaviors. Before immersing ourselves in Japan, we engaged with the scholarly literature focusing on how culture influences identity, in-group versus out-group experiences (stigma, stereotypes, microaggressions), values, verbal and nonverbal communication, cultural traumas, culture shock, and other day-to-day behaviors of both humans and other primates.


Family, Religion, and Well-Being in India: A Study Abroad Workshop

January 2-20, 2015

Director: Dr. Vaishali Raval, Associate Professor of Psychology

Co-director: Dr. Liz Wilson, Professor of Comparative Religion

This study abroad program was specifically designed for students in psychology, religion, and global health, providing a unique opportunity to study families, gender, health, and well-being within cultural context. Prior to travelling, we engaged with the scholarly literature focusing on the role of culture in understanding human psyche and behavior. In particular, cultural and cross-cultural perspectives on family relationships, gender, emotion, child rearing, and mental health in India were explored, while critically evaluating the limited applicability of psychological theories to international populations.