Voice and Respiratory Research

Professor and student work with a microphone

The Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology houses two laboratories for the purpose of voice and speech science research. Research is conducted in these laboratories by Dr. Susan Brehm and Dr. Renee Gottliebson.

The Clinical Voice Laboratory, contains state-of-the-art instrumentation for the diagnosis and treatment of adults and children who exhibit the full range of voice disorders. Acoustic and aerodynamic analysis of voice, as well as laryngeal videostroboscopic assessment of vocal function are available. This instrumentation is used to evaluate patients with voice disorders as well as in clinical research activities.

The Speech and Voice Science Laboratory contains instrumentation for the analysis of speech samples, aerodynamic data, and respiratory function. Previous research in this lab has been completed in collaboration with the Department of Kinesiology and Health to examine physiologic variables related to respiration when speech and exercise are performed simultaneously (e.g., aerobic instructors, singers who perform choreography). Research has also focused on respiratory training and examinations of use of this training in patients with upper airway obstruction.