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Affiliate Faculty

AAA Affiliate Faculty
Name Home Department Office Phone Email
Ahmed, Fauzia Sociology & Gerontology 362 Upham Hall (513) 529-0870 ahmedfe@MiamiOH.edu
Cho, Yu-Fang English 316 Bachelor Hall (513) 529-6565 choy@MiamiOH.edu
Dich, Linh Le English Middletown Campus (513) 727-3200 dichll@MiamiOH.edu
Dilek, Yildrim Geology & Environmental Earth Science 116 Shideler Hall (513) 529-2212 dileky@MiamiOH.edu
Jayasena, Nalin English 322 Bachelor Hall (513) 529-4839 jayasen@MiamiOH.edu
Kalia, Vrinda Psychology 222 Psychology Building (513) 529-6227 kaliav@MiamiOH.edu
Lee, Lena Early Childhood Education 401C McGuffey Hall (513) 529-6463 leel@MiamiOH.edu
Mao, LuMing English

276 Bachelor Hall

(513) 529-7357 maolr@MiamiOH.edu
Raval, Vaishali Psychology 308 Psychology Building (513) 529-6209 ravalvv@MiamiOH.edu
Roley, Brian Ascalon English 328 Bachelor Hall (513) 529-5110 brianroley@MiamiOH.edu
Satyal, Lalita German, Russian, Asian, and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures 127 Irvin Hall (513) 529-1848 satyall@MiamiOH.edu
Sinha, Madhu English - Hamilton Campus 226 Rentsschler Hall (513) 785-3242 sinham@MiamiOH.edu
Weems, Lisa Educational Leadership 306C McGuffey Hall (513) 529-6835 weemsld@MiamiOH.edu
Wiese, Deborah Psychology 124 Psychology Building (513) 529-2444 wiesedl@MiamiOH.edu
Wilson, Liz Comparative Religion 200F Upham Hall (513) 529-4307 wilsone@MiamiOH.edu


photo of Cathie IsaacsCathie Isaacs

Administrative Assistant
Programs Office
119 MacMillan
(513) 529-8518

As an Administrative Assistant at Miami, Cathie provides support to the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies Chair and faculty members while handling fiscal responsibilities, accounts payable, transfers, departmental budgets, and office management. These duties include expenditures for 7 programs, while performing office personnel manager training, supervising the office staff, and maintaining the personnel files.

photo of Shawn VannessShawn Vanness

Program Associate
Programs Office
120 MacMillan
(513) 529-5333

Shawn Audrey Vanness earned her BA in English Literature from Miami University in 2009 . Before becoming the Program Associate at the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies, she taught English in China and Thailand. From 2015 to 2017, she served as a youth development adviser with the Peace Corps Morocco in Zaouia Ben Hmida, a town of 500. Her onsite work included establishing cross-cultural programs, developing a school library, serving on the Gender and Development Committee (GAD), and conducting community outreach in Moroccan Arabic.