Emily Kuhn

  • photo of Emily KuhnBA in Strategic Communication (2009)
  • Director of Communications at CNN Worldwide, where she focuses on CNN's digital business
  • formerly director of publications for Miami's student chapter of PRSSA
  • honored as one of Miami's 18 of the Last 9 alumni in 2018

My Profession

"I'm the director of communications for CNN Digital Worldwide. I work to protect, defend, and promote our reporters, our reporting, and the brand as a whole. My primary focus is supporting the growth of the digital business.

"CNN Digital encompasses more than 650 employees all over the world, including New York, Atlanta, DC, London, Hong Kong and LA, and the reporting appears across all of CNN's online and mobile properties, and more than 35 other platforms. It's really any place you find CNN that's not cable television, so it's a lot!

"When I was hired at CNN in 2014, I was hired to build up the CNN Politics digital brand. It really didn't exist as it does today before the 2016 presidential campaign. I was focused on building the brand, promoting new hires, and getting people to come to CNN for our campaign coverage."

Best Miami Experiences

"Traveling to and living in Luxembourg as a Miami student was one of my biggest highlights. It changed my life and gave me a global outlook in a way that vacationing never could have. I have a global job now, and those lessons from Luxembourg have made me who I am and absolutely helped me professionally.

"In terms of Oxford, the things that I look back on and miss the most is walking around campus in between classes with some of my best friends. We would walk to King Cafe and just spend time together. We still text each other today with things like, 'Oh, I wish we were getting fro-yo at Shriver right now.' It's the time that I spent with my friends and the relationships that I built here. They are my best friends to this day.

"I was busy on campus and very active in Miami's student chapter of PRSSA, where I was the director of publications. I was also the director of communications for the former Program Board, which has merged into Campus Activities Council (CAC). And I was involved with Greek Life as a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"I think one of the biggest benefits of a liberal arts education is learning how to write and think critically. A lot of people actually don't have a career in the field that they studied. Once you get into the workforce, opportunities come up and people are exposed to a whole host of jobs that are available now that may not have been listed as a major you were choosing when you were 18.

"But if you have the foundation of being able to write, create a coherent argument, and think strategically, it sets you up for success in a variety of fields."

Advice to Students

"Take as many classes as you can that will challenge you. At Miami, I was very concerned with my GPA and just doing well. Therefore, I probably selected classes that I thought I could do well in versus classes that would challenge me and maybe help me in the long run.

"I realize now that being a college student is a really special time where you can just learn and not focus on anything else. Once you graduate, you're not going to be able to do that. So, just try and take advantage of every opportunity you can to grow and to learn new things."

[September 2019]