Alumni in Business Videos

"The College of Arts and Science provides the foundation for effective thinking, solving, and communicating. Our graduates appeal to the full range of professional, entrepreneurial, institutional, and cultural employment opportunities. Because of the breadth of our training and perspective, we can meet the fluidity of the challenges of our time, and of times to follow."

- Howard Biel (Senior Managing Director, Faison)

Howard Biel and nearly all other CAS Alumni Advisory Board members pursued careers in business and industry.

In the videos (below), CAS alumni reflect on how their Miami experiences led to their professional successes.

A Lifelong Purpose to Learn

Rick Platt (Miami, 1989) majored in Public Administration and Speech Communication. Soon after, at age 24, he became the youngest director of a state agency. He is currently the President and CEO of the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority, which is the 4th largest port authority in the U.S. As a former student of Dr. Phil Russo, Rick was invited to be a part of the inaugural advisory committee for the Ohio Public Leaders fellowship program, which hosts Miami students with opportunities to experience the inner workings of state and local government institutions.
[October 2015]

A Lifelong Purpose to Learn Video Transcript

Do What You Want To Do

Paul DiNino (Miami, 1985) majored in Political Science. He attributes "persistence, determination, and the will to work in politics" to how he was able to get started with his career in Washington, DC—first working in the mailroom of Ohio U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum to his current role as the founder and president of DiNino Associates, LLC, a political consulting firm. He has also served as the National Finance Director for the Democratic National Committee under President Bill Clinton.
[April 2015]

Do What You Want To Do Video Transcript

Thinking Outside the Box

Chris Hines (Miami, 2008) majored in History, after stints as a pre-med Zoology major and and a Business major. Chris is an executive recruiter for Randstad Engineering, a global provider of HR services and the second-largest recruiting firm in the world. He has been collaborating with Miami’s Career Services to advise graduating seniors on how to leverage their liberal art degrees as they prepare for the entry-level job market.
[April 2015]

Thinking Outside the Box Video Transcript

A Great School

Brigham A. McCown (Miami, 1988) majored in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs (now Diplomacy and Global Politics) and then served as a Naval Officer and Naval Aviator for the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense. He attended law school at Northern Kentucky University and served in several leadership roles during both terms of George W. Bush's presidency. As the Chairman and CEO of Nouveau Inc., a consulting firm, he visited campus in February to interview graduating students for positions in his firm.
[February 2015]

A Great School Video Transcript