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Enhancing Caring Communities: A Toolkit for Organizations to Better Support Caregivers

Starting Your Organizational Assessment

In the day-to-day work of helping to provide long-term care services and supports, it can sometimes feel like individual programs within the same organization are operating in siloes.

To combat this feeling and to encourage collaboration and communication between different programs, we developed an Organizational Assessment that guides you through a process of reflection and action-planning. For each step, we provide a template for your organization to use and examples of completed assessments from two National Caregiving Learning Collaborative participant organizations.

In order to enhance your organizations services and supports for caregivers, it is important to develop a general understanding of where your organization currently stands. Part 1 of the Organizational Assessment will help you get a sense of where your organization is in terms of thinking about caregivers by considering the following questions:

  • Who in our organization should be part of this process? Who should we/do we want to talk to and get input from?
  • How much of our organization’s budget is allocated to caregiver support/services?
  • What staff positions and other organizational resources are dedicated to caregiver support/services?
  • What is our organizational Caregiver Philosophy?
  • How do we assess caregiver needs and tailor services to them?
  • How would we rate our caregiver supports and services?