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Graduate Credit Workshops

Summer 2024 Workshops

Teaching of Writing Summer Institute

June 17 - July 12, 2024 - Hybrid

Join the OWP 4-week! Earn 6 graduate credits in 18 days and be part of a writing and teaching community that shares resources, collaborates with professional voices, and inspires you to reimagine writing instruction in your classroom. Become a teacher writer and design your literacy classroom as you study contemporary approaches to teaching writing and share best classroom practices.

This summer, the Teaching of Writing Summer Institute is going hybrid! With 9 days online and 9 days in-person, taking the Teaching of Writing Summer Institute has never been more accessible and convenient!

Meets in-person for nine days (June 17-21, 24, 25 and July 10-12) and online for nine days. In-person locations at VOALC in West Chester, OH, or at Westerville North High School in Westerville, OH. No class June 19 and July 4.

Earn 6 graduate credits.

Teaching, Writing, and Reading Beside Poetry

June 3 - 21, 2024 - Hybrid

Poetry. This single word brings a range of responses from inspiring and engaging to challenging and intimidating. In schools, poetry too often finds a home only in April. What would it look like to teach beside poetry all year long? This small, accessible text is a practical pathway to reading, writing, analyzing and celebrating language. Join OWP as we elevate poetry and incorporate poetry into classroom routines and lessons. Participants will appreciate a range of poetry, write their own poems and collect poetry mentor texts for classroom use. We will also connect poetry to our classroom lessons as we examine the author's craft, compare genres and texts, and explore ways to use poetry in reading and writing instruction. 

Meets online and at VOALC on June 5 and 13.

Earn 3 graduate credits.

Designing Instruction and Experience

June 10 - 18, 2024 - In-person

It has been said that teachers make around 1,500 decisions a day.  With so many decisions, it’s easy to wonder which decisions make a difference for student experience and learning.  In this workshop designed for K-12 teachers in all content areas, participants will explore the principles of experience and instructional design to make the most of our classroom time and environment with a focus on designing a learning experience and developing lesson and year plans. Whether you are wondering about how to arrange a classroom or how to fit it all in, you’ll leave with a vision and plan for the classroom you’ve always imagined.  

Class meets at VOALC.

Earn 3 graduate credits.


Developing Elaboration in Student Writing

June 20 - July 3, 2024 - Online

Have you ever asked students to say more? Do they respond with comments like” I don’t know what to say.” or “I already said everything.” ? With a renewed interest in elaboration and commentary on both state tests and in classrooms, this workshop will explore practical strategies for supporting student elaboration and commentary in writing. Teachers will explore ways to stretch student voice across various genres, practice strategies for developing commentary and elaboration, and plan lessons for the classroom. Whether students need support developing sentences, paragraphs or essays, you’ll leave ready to answer students' questions and stretch student voices.

Earn 2 graduate credits.

Grammar and Writing

June 24 - July 12, 2024 - Hybrid

“Let’s eat Grandma!” The joke says that grammar saves lives. Does it save writing too? In this OWP workshop for K-12 teachers, participants will consider the evolution of and current research on grammar instruction, share and practice effective strategies for teaching grammar and conventions, apply grammar practices to their own writing and create curriculum plans to leverage the power of grammar in writing instruction. You’ll leave with a foundation of grammar instruction and ready-to-use lesson plans that can revive and strengthen student writing. 

Meets online and at VOALC on June 25 and July 8.

Earn 3 graduate credits.

Nature: A Genre Study and Bridge to Literacy

July 8 - 26, 2024 - Hybrid

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth. Nature has been an inspiration for writing throughout history. From early poetry and American Transcendentalist, to today’s nature stories and environmental commentary, the outdoor world inspires writing and learning. Even in a world filled with technology, nature continues to provide ideas for writing, impacts student learning and is at the center of local and global conversations. Join K-12 teachers from across content areas in a powerful workshop that looks at the connection between nature and learning. Through a genre study of nature writing including prose, poetry, research, commentary, stories and guides, we’ll read and deconstruct the way people write about nature, compose our own nature based writing, and create lessons that use nature as inspiration for literacy and learning. 

Meets online and at VOALC on July 9 and 17.

Earn 3 graduate credits.

Advanced Teaching of Writing Summer Institute

July 8 - 11, 2024 - In-person

Reignite the teacher writer in you and take yourself back to the OWP class that changed everything. Join OWP in celebrating 45 summers of writing and teaching with this mini-summer institute. In this four-day workshop, you’ll revisit the Teaching of Writing Summer Institute and rekindle your energy for writing and teaching writing. Everything you loved about your 4-week experience, is here: a focus on your own writing, sharing classroom ideas and building a professional community. Trust the gush and return for a little OWP.

Meets at VOALC.

Earn 2 graduate credits.

Building Knowledge in Reading and Content Literacy

July 15 - 19, 2024 - Online

Building and activating knowledge is an essential component of reading and learning across the day but how do we best support students? One answer: content literacy strategies. In this workshop, K-12 teachers will examine professional resources and research around the role of reading and writing strategies in supporting students as they build knowledge and learn content. Together, we’ll explore the ways teachers in elementary and secondary ELA and content classrooms can support knowledge building and learning through literacy structures and develop lessons that use the power of writing and reading in a content classroom.

Earn 1 graduate credit.

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