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Opportunities and Resources

Being a Psychology student at Miami University is more than just the classes. We're here to help you with career advising, clubs, internships, study abroad, volunteering, and so much more.

Get Involved in Research

The Psychology department encourages all students to consider conducting research under the direction of a faculty member.
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The Center for Psychological Inquiry

The Center for Psychological Inquiry (CPI) is a resource for psychology students to facilitate their learning and engagement in psychology. In general, the CPI is intended to provide students with an opportunity to develop a sense of community within the psychology department.

The CPI provides students with resources to assist them in their coursework, learn about opportunities in the department as well as direct students to appropriate resources for exploring career opportunities that await psychology majors, including applying to graduate school.

Clubs and Honors Societies

Psi Chi

The mission of Psi Chi is to “produce a well-educated, ethical, socially responsible member contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.” Miami’s Psi Chi chapter hosts events such as the Quiz Bowl, and seminars on topics such as graduate school preparation and careers in psychology. It also sponsors the Professor of the Year and Graduate Student of the Year awards.

Nu Rho Psi

The purpose of Nu Rho Psi is to: encourage professional interest and excellence in scholarship, particularly in neuroscience; award recognition to students who have achieved such excellence in scholarship; advance the discipline of neuroscience; encourage intellectual and social interaction between students, faculty, and professionals in neuroscience and related fields; promote career development in neuroscience and related fields; increase public awareness of neuroscience and its benefits for the individual and society; and encourage service to the community.

The Psychology of Dogs Club

The Psychology of Dogs club will provide students of all majors with opportunities to learn about and discuss psychological research relating to dogs, as well as a platform to conduct research projects. The club will take a hands-on approach to learning by including volunteer opportunities, field trips, and speakers as a key part of meetings.  The goal is to include students that are not psychology majors, but who are interested in learning more about man's best friend.

Connect With Us

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Complete an Internship

Internships can provide valuable, experiential learning experiences that complement classroom learning.

Students can earn course credit, ranging from 0 to 6 credit hours by registering for PSY 340 (Psychology Internship). The number of credit hours earned depends on the number of hours the student works at an internship site. 

  • Credits count toward graduation credit requirements as electives, but can’t be used to meet specific course requirements for the Psychology major.
  • 0 credit is a good option for summer internship if credit hours for graduation aren’t needed.
  • Students do not pay tuition for “0 credit” experiences, but the experience does show up on a transcript as PSY 340, 0 credit.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are also available in the community. Contact Dr. Brooke Cropenbaker at or Dr. Jennifer Green at for more information.

Neuroscience lab

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