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Summer Master of Arts in Teaching for Mathematics

This coursework is offered for educators who already have a teaching certification in mathematics. This degree is designed to strengthen and broaden the mathematical training of secondary school teachers. The program can be completed in three consecutive summers.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase teachers' mathematical knowledge and ability to solve problems and reason mathematically;
  • Develop teachers' awareness of applications and relevant topics in mathematics and statistics; and
  • Improve teachers' ability to utilize technology in mathematical problem solving and teaching mathematics.


For admission into the M.A.T. program, candidates must be certified to teach mathematics and have at least one year of full-time mathematics teaching experience. Students must complete 30 semester hours of coursework.

Course Requirements

Candidates will develop a portfolio documenting instances of mathematical thinking and writings that illustrate how they are reflective mathematics educators who collaborate with colleagues and other stakeholders to grow professionally, support student learning, and create more equitable mathematics learning environments. Candidates will present their portfolios to faculty and peers at the end of their third summer.

Sample Three-Year Study Plan

Summer 2023

  • MTH 607:  Algebra for Secondary School Teachers
  • EDT 663:  Advanced Methods for AYA Mathematics 
  • MTH 609: Data Analysis and Inference for Secondary Teachers

Summer 2024

  • MTH 508: Problem-Solving with Technology
  • MTH 606:  Geometry for Secondary School Teachers
  • EDT/MTH/EDL Elective

Fall 2024

  • MTH 689: Research in Mathematics Education (online)

Summer 2025

  • MTH 604:  Discrete Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers
  • MTH 605:  Calculus for Secondary School Teachers
  • DT/MTH/EDL Elective
  • Presentation of Portfolio and Graduation!

2023 Summer Course Offerings

Session Y

June 12 - June 30, No class on Monday, June 19th

MTH 607: Algebra for Secondary School Teachers 

June 12 - June 30, No class on Monday, June 19th

EDT 663: Advanced Methods for AYA Mathematics

  • Dr. Jeffrey Wanko
  • M-F; 11:40 am - 2:20 pm
  • Face to Face: Miami University Voice of America Campus

Week off for vacations: Saturday, July 1- Sunday, July 9th

Session Z

July 10 - July 28

MTH 609: Data Analysis & Inference for Secondary Teachers

  • Dr. Wayne Nirode
  • M-F; 8:30 am - 11:00 am
  • Face to Face: Miami University Voice of America Campus

Financial Aid

The Teacher Education Access at Miami or TEAM scholarship assists licensed Ohio K-12 educators as they work toward a graduate degree and/or take courses or workshops as part of their professional development plans. Miami University offers graduate tuition scholarships to Ohio’s K-12 licensed educators, who are Ohio residents and full-time teachers.

Our candidates apply for the TEAM by going to this link around the time in the spring when they enroll for summer coursework.

In addition, the Department of Mathematics offers Alberta Wolfe Graduate Fellowships in Mathematics Education that will cover a portion of the remaining tuition costs. Applicants for a Wolfe fellowship must be candidates for a M.A.T. degree in the department and must enroll for at least 6 hours of approved summer courses that will count toward their degree. They must also be certified to teach secondary school mathematics and have at least one year of full-time mathematics teaching experience. Apply by going to this link. Priority consideration will be given to applications that are received by April 29, 2022.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Professor Jane Keiser, Coordinator of MAT, at

Department of Mathematics

123 Bachelor Hall
301 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056