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Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Sciences

Students focusing on Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Sciences in the department of Psychology receive a sound training in experimental approaches to basic and applied research in the fields of higher-order cognition, cognitive development, and neurosciences.

Our approach

  • Doctoral students work closely with faculty on all aspects of the research process from conception to fruition
  • Work in BCD often involves applied research into real-world problems
  • Students in the program utilize a diverse set of methodological approaches including a number of cutting edge technologies, such as virtual environments, adaptive interfaces, psychophysiological recording technologies, behavioral (motion) tracking, and in vivo monitoring and manipulation of brain circuitry using animal models
  • In line with Miami's teacher-scholar model, graduate students are provided extensive opportunities to teach and mentor undergraduate students
  • Graduate students play an important role in nurturing and growing our vibrant, multicultural and diverse departmental community
  • With the broad, but personal training received through our program, students have been very successful in finding postdoctoral opportunities, academic positions, and industry positions
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Students receiving training in neuroscience, cognition, and development, statistics, and professional development.

BCD Core Courses (Year 1 and 2)

  • PSY 574 | Advanced Cognitive Processes
  • PSY 533 | Advanced Developmental
  • PSY 551 | Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSY 556 | Advanced Biological Bases of Behavior

Statistics and Research Design (Year 1)

  • PSY 601 | Statistics and Methods I
  • PSY 602 | Statistics and Methods II
  • Elective advanced statistics course

Advanced Seminars (Years 2 and 3)

  • Two cross-cutting PSY 620 seminars offered once each year
  • Elective out-of-area course

Professional Development

  • PSY 603 | Proseminar
  • PSY 604 | Proseminar
  • PSY 780 | Research Topics
  • PSY 685 | Teaching Practicum


Students with a concentration in Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Sciences typically work with one of the following faculty from the Department of Psychology. Prospective students are highly encouraged to contact potential research advisors directly before applying.

Department of Psychology

90 North Patterson Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056