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Student Reflection

Galápagos Student Reflection: Uriel Jurado and Kiersten Hurst

Galapagos students Uriel Jurado and Kiersten Hurst 

El Chato Tortoise Reserve, Galápagos National Park, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Walking in Darwin’s footsteps

Working alongside park rangers in El Chato Tortoise Reserve, AIP graduate students Uriel Jurado (San Diego Zoo Global) and Kiersten Hurst (Woodland Park Zoo) record vital statistics from a Galápagos tortoise. Researchers use the data to monitor the population within this region.

7 credits from Earth Expeditions courses can count toward the AIP master’s degree.

Jurado is a high school science and AVID teacher in Anaheim, California, and Hurst is a wildlife care assistant at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Seattle, Washington.

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