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Meg Sczyrba Student ReflectionAIP site: Woodland Park Zoo

Miami University student Meg Sczyrba receives 2022 APEX Grand Award for Environmental Writing by media/news company Communications Concepts, Inc. Her article, The Increasingly Hot Topic of Climate Change, appears in American Bankers Association's (ABA) Bank Compliance Magazine. 

“The impacts to our physical environment and consequently the financial system in which we work are predicted to worsen rapidly. While we can collectively work towards curbing underlying causes, understanding climate change and the risks it poses prepares us as compliance officers to help our banks navigate this emerging and unprecedented risk.”

Sczyrba is earning a Master of Arts (M.A.) in the biological sciences from Miami University through Project Dragonfly‘s Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) with unique learning experiences on the grounds of Woodland Park Zoo and in natural settings around the Pacific Northwest. Sczyrba lives in Portland, Oregon.