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Melanie Henry (Templeton) Student Reflection

Melanie Henry (Templeton) Student ReflectionAIP site: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Miami University graduate Melanie Henry (Templeton) M.A. ‘18 of Sterling Heights, Michigan, reflects on her master’s journey in Project Dragonfly‘s Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP).

“I loved the uniqueness of the program - you get to explore directions of topics that you are most interested in, taking learning more into your own hands. The ability to take part in both the zoo-based classes and an option to take an Earth Expedition one summer allowed me to tailor my time in the program to make the most of my experience with Project Dragonfly.”

Henry earned a Master of Arts (M.A.) in the biological sciences from Miami University through the AIP with experiential learning at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and on a Belize EE. Henry currently works as an Education Specialist for the Detroit Zoological Society.