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We are grateful to the New York City Environmental Fund for partially funding this project. Additional funding was provided by Together Green fund.

Many thanks to our wonderful Bee Watcher volunteers; Gretchen LeBuhn (Great Sunflower Project); John Ascher and Jerome Rozen (AMNH); Jim Cane (USDA-ARS); Sam Droege (USGS); Ed Green (Rutgers University); Bob Unnasch (Sound Science); Amy Colorado; Ruth Lowell; staff of the Greenbelt Native Plant Center; and to the parks and nature centers who hosted the annual orientation sessions through the years: Alley Pond Environmental Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Central Park Conservancy, Greenbelt Nature Center, Prospect Park Audubon Center, and Bronx Borough Parks Headquarters, Van Cortlandt Park.

Thanks also to the following photographers who graciously shared their images with us: J. Ascher, J. Baker (Wiki Commons), J. Bourque, M. Domroese, P. Ersts, G. Gallice (Wiki Commons), E. Johnson, J. Katz, C. Landis, K. Matteson, Max.Oppo (Wiki Commons), T. Murray, S. Nanz, T. Phillips, J. Plewka, R.E. Poplin (Wiki Commons), J.M. Schneid (Wiki Commons), Thomas of Baltimore City, R. Weidenaar.

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