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1.0 Vision and Mission

1.1 Vision

The College of Creative Arts will advance creativity as a powerful thread to link the visual and performing arts, design, and technology across disciplines, bringing the voice and imagination of the arts to all corners of our diverse and global society. By integrating disciplinary expertise with the liberal arts, we educate the next generation of architects, artists, designers, performers, teachers, and scholars for leadership in their chosen fields and in new and emerging creative industries.

1.2 Mission

The College of Creative Arts cultivates and sustains a community that is centered on creativity and where the integration of a liberal education and the arts shapes our identity. Our efforts are realized through degree offerings in the departments of Architecture and Interior Design, Art, Music, and Theatre; majors in Emerging Technology in Business and Design; interdisciplinary programs within the CCA; and through programs of the Miami University Art Museum and Performing Arts Series that enrich academic and cultural experiences across campus and throughout the region.

It is our mission to prepare students for global engagement as practitioners, educators, creators, advocates and patrons of the arts. We foster the development of professional skills and intellectual growth necessary for the pursuit of creative and scholarly inquiry by extending artistic traditions, while embracing a culture of innovation and change.

Through the transformative power of the arts, our departments and programs serve as a window to an ever-changing and diverse world, providing the knowledge and resources for our constituents to engage in their professions and in society as both artists and citizens.

1.3 Context

The vision and mission of the CCA shall be pursued in concert with the Miami University Mission Statement, that acknowledges the need to “instill in its students intellectual depth and curiosity, the importance of personal values as a measure of character, and a commitment to life-long learning. Miami emphasizes critical thinking and independent thought, an appreciation of diverse views, and a sense of responsibility to our global future.”

Consistent with the University Mission, College of Creative Arts programs stress a balance of liberal and professional education, respond to the individuality of students, develop personal value systems, and encourage critical investigation of arts and culture and respect for the diversity of ideas.

1.4 The College of Creative Arts is dedicated to the work of anti-racism

In our classrooms, galleries, labs, stages, and studios we promise to actively work against white supremacy and the institutional and systemic enterprises that support its continuation. We will lift up, advocate for, and stand beside BIPOC people, artists, scholars and innovators and deliberately undertake anti-racism strategies on all fronts.

We commit to:

  • Educate our faculty, staff and students about anti-racism.
  • Invest resources in anti-racism efforts.
  • Partner with other organizations and people doing the work of anti-racism.
  • Produce and promote the work of BIPOC artists.
  • Reporting so we may remain accountable for our actions and our progress.

College of Creative Arts

The arts at Miami University didn't evolve on a whim—they were challenged, inspired, modernized, and made more relevant by each new generation of artists. Welcome to the College of Creative Arts, with degree programs that range from the classical to the contemporary.