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Come Play with Us

The arts are for everyone, and at Miami University, that means you! No matter what your academic major, career path, or experience level, we welcome you to get involved with the College of Creative Arts and related organizations and make the arts a central part of your college experience.


10% of all Miami students participate in a music ensemble or performance group each year. Join in on the fun, and you'll not only find your moment in the spotlight, but you'll make lifelong friendships and gain confidence to help you excel in your future career, whatever it may be.


Art and design are reflections of our values, cultures, and societies; thus they are always evolving with the times. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, past movements, and important figures, and discover what they all say about the way we live now, through free art and architecture lectures. Want to dive even deeper? Pursue an art minor, and make the discipline an integral part of your Miami education!

Explore Art 281/Contemporary Art Lecture Series

Explore Architecture and Interior Design Lecture Series

College of Creative Arts

The arts at Miami University didn't evolve on a whim—they were challenged, inspired, modernized, and made more relevant by each new generation of artists. Welcome to the College of Creative Arts, with degree programs that range from the classical to the contemporary.