Enter the 2022 Young Sculptors Competition

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Entry Form and Artist Contract

Year 2022Non-Representational Sculpture only; Terry Berlier, juror 

Submission Deadline: June 17, 2022, 11:59 p.m. 

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Significant awards

Your Three Images

Please submit three images of your recent sculptures from the last three-years which are representative of the breadth of your talent, creativity and proficiency. All images submitted should be on a thumb-drive, JPG, 5” x 7”, 355 dpi, RGB color mode. Please organize the thumb-drive with each JPG having last name of artist and entry number. Copy this form for your records.

Title 1 | Dimensions (h w d) | Year Completed | Medium | Detail 1A | Detail 1B
Title 2 | Dimensions (h w d) | Year Completed | Medium | Detail 2A | Detail 2B
Title 3 | Dimensions (h w d) | Year Completed | Medium | Detail 3A | Detail 3B
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