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Digital Innovation Centers powered by Emerging Technology in Business + Design (ETBD)

In 2010 the Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design (ETBD) opened its San Francisco Digital Innovation Center to provide experiences more valuable and rewarding than typical internships. Success led to support from the Ohio Means Internships & Co-Ops Program and to creation of the Cincinnati Digital Innovation Center in 2014. In 2020 the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Program welcomes its first cohort of students.

A student at any of the Innovation Centers spends four days a week in a co-op role; this can occur with an established tech firm or with one of the most dynamic startups in the world.  One day each week students go behind the scenes for private sessions with principals from startups, accelerators, and the world of venture funding.  Students contribute to the thriving startup cultures in their respective locales, even as they build professional networks that can persist throughout their careers.



Student Testimonials

David Dabney

"The AIMS Digital Innovation program has been all I could have ever dreamed of. Getting to live next to Washington Park, attending every Friday visit and having 1:1s with Cincinnati’s leading tech companies has truly been a blessing. There is no better pipeline into the tech community.“

—David Dabney, '19, Interactive Media Studies Major

Gaby Pozzi

"The San Francisco Digital Innovation program has been a great experience! It places you in the heart of technology and innovation in the nation. Not to mention, something about the city provides you with a 10x effect on your network. I have learned an immense amount through work that will benefit be both in my professional and personal development. I couldn't recommend this program enough!”

— Gaby Pozzi, '20, Marketing Major

Brendan Nofs

"Living and working in the one of the world's most innovative technology hubs is an invaluable experience I'm glad I didn't pass on. You'll have the ability to meet great people and build a large network of connections in the Bay area, which has opened the door to a myriad of opportunities as I prepare to graduate from Miami. This program is truly what you make of it."

— Brendan Nofs, '19, Computer Science Major

Nicolae Sadovnic

"Interactive Media Studies taught me about multidisciplinary education and how valuable that is towards paving a successful path in the new work environment where you often have to wear a lot of hats. Before starting my internship I wish I knew that sh*t is very, very real [in San Francisco] if you let it be. I took a lot of shots and a lot of risks out here that ultimately paid off."

— Nicolae Sadovnic, ’18, Interactive Media Studies Major

Emma Kujawa

"I feel that this semester in Cincinnati has allowed me to develop into a more well rounded and successful person. From living on my own, to the Friday visits, and spending time at Growella, I believe I have learned an incredible amount of lifelong lessons. I feel prepared to graduate from college and start a career hopefully in Cincinnati. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and wish I could do it all over again!"

— Emma Kujawa, ’18, Interactive Media Studies Major

Roberto Ritger

"I made great friends, learned a massive amount about programming, and made a few noteworthy professional connections. I’m excited to now be able to work on all facets of game design at Miami. The focus on being a “self-starter” was never more evident to me than my working as a programmer for four months without any notable programming experience. I don’t think I would have been able to get this kind of experience anywhere else."

— Roberto Ritger, ’18, Interactive Media Studies Major

Employer Testimonials

Max Shapiro

"I have had nothing but exceptional interns in the 5+ years that I have had Miami students through the Digital Innovation program. There have been many exceptional students. They are “A Players” These students have worked hard and smart and really get s*** done! A very impressive group! This is truly a win/win for me as an entrepreneur, the students and Miami! As you can tell, I LOVE the program!”

— Max Shapiro, CEO, PeopleConnect


"Wow! An impressive intern from Miami University. In a very short period of time, Blake jumped in, quickly understood what we were trying to achieve, and took on the project we gave him. To our surprise, he completely exceeded our expectations. Miami U students are ready for the professional world and open to learning new skills. We found this experience to be a very positive one."

— Lisa Padilla, CEO of NewPathVR

Carisa Miklusak

"Our interns, Lauren and Claire, come to work every day with a passion and excitement that translates to results. Their skill set is frankly beyond what I've often experienced when hiring full time marketing associates. They hopped right into our business, driving value and results daily. Their Facebook ads yielded better conversion rates than that of a professional firm we use. We provide opportunities for them outside of their focus areas; they are always open to engage. We are very thankful to have them on our team. Your program is outstanding."

— Carisa Miklusak, President & CEO, tilr

Sara Jackson

"It seems that Miami funnels us students that are already hardwired with certain foundational principles that we may not see in other students. Miami students come ready to learn, they are passionate about what they are doing, they honor that and who they are, to be a good person, to be honest, to work hard, and to be grateful, that’s why we chomp at the bit to grab Miami students."

— Sara Jackson, Co-Founder of Cerkl

Anthony Couch

"Our Miami University intern has kept me on my toes, more so than some of our teammates have. He finishes tasks very quickly, he’s always reaching back out: "What’s next? what do you need from me?" He's been an incredible asset to the company...This kid, he’s a genius."

— Anthony Couch, Co-Founder of Getsuitable, Inc.

Summer Crenshaw

"I have two of the most amazing interns from Miami University. Not only were they very proficient coming in to the atmosphere, they were also not hesitant to jump in. The students have been great in letting me allow them to flourish; if I gave them a project or goal, they are able to not only hit that goal but exceed in all expectations. Our team is truly fortunate to have our interns that we have, I don’t want to ever let them go!"

— Summer Crenshaw, COO and Co-Founder of tilr