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Our Majors and Minors

Whether your passion lies in the creation, technology, business, or dissemination of art and design, there is a place for you here at the College of Creative Arts. Choose your path from 15 majors and three interdisciplinary co-majors within five departments, and chart the professional course of your dreams.

Architecture and Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Acquire the skills you need to thrive in a two-year professional Master of Architecture program, either at Miami University or elsewhere.


Bachelor of Science in Art Education

Prepare for teaching excellence in a program that readies you not only for teaching certification but for the transformative opportunities that come after, instilling a love of the arts in young minds.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Immerse yourself in one of our six art concentrations — ceramics, metals, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture — exploring craftsmanship and the soft skills necessary to turn your medium into a viable profession.

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship, B.A.

Explore the business of art, including leadership and governance, mission-based programming, finance and envelopment, marketing and communications, and audience development and community engagement.

Emerging Technology in Business and Design

Bachelor of Science in Games + Simulation

Explore the preeminent art medium of the 21st century: the fusion of coding and design, writing and mechanics, usability and creativity with a focus on making and praxis.


Bachelor of Arts in Music

Acquire a broad liberal arts education that complements a focus in music. Students of this major will be required to choose an emphasis in Performance, Music in Culture, or Music Technology.

Bachelor of Music in Composition

Study the craft and art of composing music in anticipation of freelance work as a composer, arranger, and copyist, for graduate work, and for a wide variety of professions in related fields.

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Ensure the next generation's love and understanding of music as you gain proficiency in either Instrumental or Choral/General concentration, in the context of a broad liberal arts foundation.

Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

Acquire the pre-professional training necessary for advanced study in music and, ultimately, for entry into the profession. Performance opportunities abound at Miami, in solo, chamber, and ensemble settings.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Following an audition required of all students in this major, immerse yourself in the art and business of theatre, gaining critical industry knowledge and personal connections along the way to fast-track your career.

Interdisciplinary Co-Majors

Comparable to a "double major," the co-major at Miami is specifically designed to complement your existing major. By connecting disciplinary skills in the arts and design with areas like business, community engagement, and media, you'll acquire a broad skill set and a flexibility that can enhance both educational and career opportunities.

Art Therapy

Prepare for mental health licensure as you study the art process and the therapeutic ways that art helps to process trauma, enhance self-esteem, improve relational abilities, decrease anxiety/depression, and increase an overall enhanced sense of well-being in patients.

Arts Management

Merge your passions for art, business, and entrepreneurship on a highly competitive path for aspiring leaders of the creative economy.


Ground yourself in the fundamentals of the fashion industry — design language, technical skills, and business — to excel in one of the industry's numerous disciplines, including product making, design foundations, textile materials, historical context, and entrepreneurship.

College of Creative Arts

The arts at Miami University didn't evolve on a whim—they were challenged, inspired, modernized, and made more relevant by each new generation of artists. Welcome to the College of Creative Arts, with degree programs that range from the classical to the contemporary.