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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design features two majors, four minors, and one certificate for our undergraduates.


ETBD Major

The ETBD Major, Digital Concentration is for students who are interested in careers / post-graduate paths where they position themselves as a digital expert.

The ETBD Major, Applied Concentration is for students who have a second major and wish to position themselves as an expert in applying digital technology to that field.

Games and Simulation

The BS in Games and Simulation prepares students for a career in game design, development, 3D modeling, creative development, writing or designing, esports, and games in other industries.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to apply the fundamental principles of game design
  2. Students will be able to critique and apply aesthetic principles to game art, design, and development
  3. Students will demonstrate fluency in relevant tools and technologies for game development

Minors and Certificates

ETBD Minor

The ETBD minor is centered on a foundation of courses in Business, Technology, and Design. Students develop an awareness and appreciation of all three of these areas and then choose a specialization within ETBD for two elective courses. The ETBD minor is designed to help provide digital literacy for students who are curious about how emerging media and technology impact their major.

Games and Simulation Minor

The Games and Simulation Minor includes a collaborative series of courses between the Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design and the Art and Computer Science departments. The minor introduces the foundations of game design and implementation, beginning with required coursework in the three developmental areas: game art, game design, and game development.

Digital Innovation Minor

The Digital Innovation Minor introduces the digital innovation ecosystem in various cities and provides students with opportunities to develop and expand their own professional interests and skills in relevant fields such as web/app development, marketing, and design.

Digital Marketing Minor

This minor encompasses all the digital marketing courses offered by Emerging Technology in Business and Design. It builds from theoretical foundations through advanced tactics that are requisite for any practicing digital marketer.

Esports Management Undergraduate Certificate

The Esports Management Undergraduate Certificate is a one-year, mostly online program, which provides a comprehensive understanding of the esports ecosystem and the best practices for management of a professional esports team and supporting businesses. The certificate is a total of eight courses: two semesters of three, two-credit-hour courses, surrounded by three credit hours of actual tournament organization experience.

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