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Art and Architecture History

Three classrooms designed for Art and Architecture History use are located on the first floor of the Art Building. Each room is equipped with high-end digital video projectors for optimal viewing of images, as well as digital video and audio disc players.

The Visual Resources Center, available to students Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, is also located in the Art Building. The VRC center provides access to art videos and DVDs, more than 200,000 35 mm slides of world art, a growing digital image database, and a photo archive of 10,000 artworks from the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.

Additional resources are located in the Art and Architecture Library in Alumni Hall.

Location: Art Building, Rooms 100, 103, 136, and other shared spaces.

Art Education

The Art Education Program utilizes facilities in the Art Building, specifically designed for classroom, studio, clinical and practicum experiences. These facilities contain a Kiln Area, Resource Area, and Work Room. In addition, Integrated Learning Technology resources are available to support student learning.

Location: Art Building, Rooms 148 and 154, and other shared spaces


The painting program is located in two large studios in the Art Building. One studio is assigned to both introductory and intermediate level painting students. The other is assigned specifically to advanced level painting students who set up their individual work areas. In addition, a private studio is available each year for two painting students through an annual competition. The painting studios provide the opportunity to pursue work in various media, including oil, acrylic, encaustic and air brush.

Location: Art Building, upper-level.


Within the walls of the Department of Art we have various forms of traditional and innovative technologies. Our undergraduate and graduate students have access to innovative tools such as a laser cutter, a 3D printer, and CNC lab for fabricating, using a computer in ways that are difficult or impossible to do by hand. We also have two computer labs, one that has twenty-two stations and is equipped with a very wide range of software. The second lab has software and hardware (printers, scanners, etc.) specific to the needs of graphic design.

In addition to the equipment we have within the department we also partner with the Department of Architecture + Interior Design, the College of Engineering and Computing, and the Department of Technology in Business + Design to make other digital tools available to our students. For instance, students can develop 3D virtual environments and display them in life-size in Miami's CAVE or on smaller projection screens that simulate three dimensions.

We work hard to ensure that our students, both undergraduate and graduate, have access to the tools they need to be competitive in the 21st century.

Location: various

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