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Emerging Technologies

In 2001, thanks to a pair of very generous donations from John Smale and Michael Armstrong, the Smale Interactive Visualization Center was founded. The center is a research and innovation center devoted to emerging visualization tools and techniques including augmented and virtual reality.

The Center currently boasts several cutting-edge display technologies including:

  • the CAVE, a 4-wall, reconfigurable display system, in which a user can stand and be surrounded by three 3D rear-projected walls and a projected 3D floor – a truly immersive visual experience.

  • the Powerwall, a 16’ x 9’ HD 3D active stereoscopic projection system

  • a set of developer kits and prototype hardware for the Oculus Rift, a next-generation virtual reality headset to be sold to consumers

  • a smaller, portable 3D projection system that can be used in classrooms or off-campus sites

  • an immersive, 3D, 40” desktop display system

ETBD also runs the HIVE, the world's largest space devoted to a virtual reality system. It features a state-of-the-art position tracking system and over 1,000 m2 of tracking space in which users can walk freely while wearing a head-mounted display.

All ETBD undergraduate and graduate students have access to this equipment and make use of it to engage in the forefront of interactive media research as well bringing their creative solutions to complex problems to life.

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