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Excellence and Expertise

Oboe professor solos in Austria festival on August 9

Andrea Ridilla, a music professor at Miami University, will perform the oboe as a concerto soloist with the orchestra of the Spezial Sommer-Matinee in Eisenstadt, Austria, on August 9.

Excellence and Expertise

Oboe professor solos in Austria festival on August 9

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After playing principal oboe in the Classical Musical Festival since 2003, the organizers invited her to solo. 

It takes place every summer in Schloss (“castle” in German) Esterházy, this being the 48th rendition. The festival welcomes 200 musicians from all over the world to rehearse for two-weeks and then put on a concert honoring the music of Joseph Haydn, the father of Viennese classicism.

Ridilla’s solo will coincide with bassoon, cello and violin as part of a concertante. The performance spans 3 movements and lasts about 25 minutes long. She arrived in Austria early to rehearse with her bassoonist.

“I’m looking forward to being able to express my own voice in a solo venue in an international forum, and to represent Miami University,” Ridilla said.

She wants to bring back the culture of Haydn to the Miami students in her opera appreciation for non-majors course. She also loves learning languages and traveling internationally – so far, she has done concertos in Ecuador, Russia, Luxembourg and other places.

In addition, she recently recorded a solo CD with Miami professor Ricardo Averbach titled “L’Amore Italiano… the lyrical oboe in opera & cinema”. Before this festival, she also played at the College Music Society Conference in the three Baltic states with collaborative pianist and professor of piano at Miami, Dr. Siok Lian Tan.

Collaborating as second oboe in the Spezial Sommer-Matinee with Ridilla is one of her graduated Miami students, Mezraq Ramli, who she invited.

Ridilla thanks Dr. Chris Tanner, John Wygant and Dr Jeremy Jones for their support toward achieving this success.