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Excellence and Expertise

Two masters in music alumni named as performing artists for Paris oboe firms

Two Miami University alumni were recently named as performing artists for oboe by two prestigious Paris instrument firms. These firms often feature artists that perform on their instruments in orchestral, solo, and chamber venues internationally.

Excellence and Expertise

Two masters in music alumni named as performing artists for Paris oboe firms

mezraq-ramli.jpgMEZRAQ RAMLI

Mezraq Ramli graduated with his MM in oboe performance and pedagogy from Miami in 2012. Since May this year, he has been performing on a handcrafted violet wood F. Lorée oboe. F. Lorée is the oldest Maison specialized in oboe manufacturing.

Ramli won a tenure-track position at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley last year, where he currently teaches as an assistant professor of double reeds and aural skills. Upon hearing the announcement, F. Lorée reached out to offer congratulations.

In the spring, he visited the firm to pick up his instrument and share news about his upcoming international teaching engagements and performances.

“They were extremely welcoming and treated me like family,” Ramli said. “They were happy to endorse me as one of their Performing Artists.” 

He had been playing F. Lorée oboes as a student, but officially attached himself to the firm once he received a couple oboes on trial last winter. He finds the sound of F. Lorée oboes to be complex with many tonal colors. The instrument also challenges him to make the perfect reed every single time.

Besides presenting recitals and masterclasses here, Ramli also fulfilled a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at Miami from 2010-12. He still stays in contact with his greatest inspirations from Miami, like his professor Andrea Ridilla who is also an F. Lorée Performing Artist.

“They say in music that to be the best, you have to play and learn with the best,” Ramli said. “Prof. Ridilla is one of the best, so I’m following in her footsteps.”

In his current professional  life, Ramli performs with various orchestras and festivals around the world and feels thankful for other opportunities.

“I’ve been so lucky to have gotten all these engagements and more are coming in!” Ramli said. 

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tracycarr.jpgTRACY CARR

Tracy Carr earned the Master of Music degree (MM) in Oboe Performance from Miami University in 1990 and was recently named a Marigaux Performing Artist. She performs on Marigaux oboes 901A and 920A, the Altu Noir

She has performed and presented at Miami University, among many other universities, and currently serves as Professor of Music at Eastern New Mexico University where she teaches oboe, bassoon, music history, and aural skills. Additionally, Carr has an extensive national and international performing career.

Marigaux is deemed one of the top four professional oboe manufacturers in the world, with hundreds of professional oboists from over 60 countries playing their instruments. With fewer than 100 performing artists on its roster, Marigaux selected Carr as one of only about twelve American-born oboists to be a Marigaux Artist.

“I am extremely honored and grateful to be part of this group and appreciate Marigaux’s ongoing support for my career,” Carr said. 

She prefers Marigaux oboes for her career because of their range of tone color, expression, flexibility, technical ease, singing quality, and stability. 

“Every musician looks to find his or her best ‘voice’ and I am glad to have found mine with my Marigaux oboes,” Carr said.

Carr credits her Miami professor Andrea Ridilla for a great deal of her success. Ridilla formerly played principal oboe in the Rhode Island Philharmonic and Carr studied with her there while in her late teens. Carr later came to Miami to continue her graduate studies with Ridilla.

“I have always considered Professor Ridilla a great friend, invaluable mentor, phenomenal musician, and outstanding pedagogue,” Carr said.

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