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Excellence and Expertise

Dance and choir came together at the Ohio Music Educators Conference

The conference took place Friday, Feb. 2.

Excellence and Expertise

Dance and choir came together at the Ohio Music Educators Conference

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Two sophomores from Miami University’s dance program, Sara Zdrojewski and Julia Brisken, collaborated with the all-female choir, Choraliers, at the Ohio Music Educators Conference (OMEA) on Friday, Feb. 2.

Zdrojewski and Brisken choreographed one 4-minute long song, named “In Her Image”, from the choir’s set. They experimented with cool images both for themselves and for the Choraliers.

“We used lots of ripples within the choir to create movement that reflected the choreography Sara and I were dancing to,” Brisken said. “This was truly an incredible experience and I am so thankful that Sara and I had this opportunity not only to dance together again, but to create a beautiful piece of movement with the Choraliers.”

“It was all about finding the confidence and strength within yourself,” Zdrojewski said. “It was such an amazing feeling to be dancing on stage with one of my best friends, Julia, as well as dancing to live music where you can feel yourself dancing from the heart. It was very rewarding to see this whole project come together in the end after all the creative preparation. Overall, this experience was one-of-a-kind and something that I will remember forever.”

Brisken felt the same way about the experience. 

“Getting to choreograph and create a dance piece that was performed with live music was truly an amazing experience and something that I am so grateful for,” Brisken said. “I felt that while dancing with the choir, I was able to connect more easily to the music and the meaning behind the song. It was very rewarding to watch our vision for this piece come to life on stage with the Choraliers.”

Director of the dance program, Ashley Goos, invited Zdrojewski and Brisken after Robyn Lana, director of the Choraliers, Robyn Lana, reached out to her.

“We are very thankful for the invitation, as we learned so much throughout the creative process, teaching and performance,” Zdrojewski said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to get to work with the ever-so-talented Choraliers.”