Network Resources

The following network resources and services are available for use:

  • Wireless Network:  EGB and our space in Hughes both have 802.11n (wi-fi) wireless ethernet available in most building and surrounding areas.
  • Handouts: Network-accessible via file sharing or on the web (, handouts is available to all students. It is a place to put files for students to access, including classnotes. It is also the recommended location for class webpages. Data posted in this area is not limited to Miami students, so special care should be taken with licensed or copywritten materials to prevent unwanted sharing.
  • Turnins: Network-accessible file sharing. Turnins is available to all students. It is a dropbox where students can submit completed assignments that are ready to be graded.

Other Resources

  • Virtual Machines
    • VMWare ESX virtual servers (or desktops)
    • Campus Firewall blocks off campus to on campus connections.
    • muvpn uses CISCO anyconnect VPN technology
  • gitlab
    • Gitlab Repository system for code (document management)
  • HTTPS certificates
    • Miami will issue certificates for domains that are faculty sponsored.
  • Firewall/Security
    • Don't share passwords
    • Use SSH private keys for authentication
    • Use firewalls
  • We don't backup desktop's - keep your files back'd up.
  • Video Conferencing in Room 9 (for remote meetings)