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Good Neighbor Protocol

Violations in Community Standards

  • When Community Standards receives a Good Neighbor violation referral, they will review the evidence presented and determine whether or not to formally charge the student(s) or organization(s).
  • Upon notice of alleged violation, the Community Standards process will commence.


If students are found responsible or take responsibility for the violation(s), sanctions are issued.

  • Sanctions may include community service hours, but there are no mandatory sanctions for this offense and thus the sanctioning would be left to the discretion of Community Standards. Disciplinary history will also be considered when issuing sanctions.
  • Upon completion of the Community Standards process, any findings of responsibility are maintained in their disciplinary record for a minimum of seven years.

If the student(s) or organization(s) fail to complete the sanctions by the assigned deadline, a hold will be placed on their account until proof is provided to Community Standards that sanctions have been completed.

A hold can prevent students from scheduling, changing classes, etc. If a student graduates or leaves with incomplete sanctions, it will be noted on the students’ official transcript.

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