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Miami Special Events Fund

Student organizations and university entities frequently request funds for special programming from multiple divisions, departments, and offices at the University. In order to have one institutional response for such requests at the Presidential and Vice Presidential levels, the following policy guidelines are in effect beginning January 2005.

Contracting Information

If booking a speaker or entertainer is part of your proposal, then you will need a contract. Below are some items to keep in mind about contracting at Miami University. Your contract should be completed after you have commitments for the necessary funding. Student organizations should work with the Student Activities staff during this process.

  • Only authorized University staff can commit to a contract; you cannot initiate or sign an agreement that obligates your organization or the University for payment or conditions of service.
  • You should not agree to a specific dollar amount or appearance conditions in your preliminary negotiations.
    • Obtain an indication of the range commonly charged,
    • agree to a tentative date for the engagement, and
    • then inform the speaker or her/his agent that an official University representative will be back in touch.
  • All contracts must be reviewed and approved by the Division of Student Life and Miami University.

If you need assistance with the contract process, do not hesitate to contact the Division of Student Life for assistance.

Award Information

Once the requests have been reviewed, the student organization or university entity will receive a memo indicating that the request has been approved or not approved.

If approved, you will need to contact the Division of Student Life at 513-529-1877 for the appropriate accounting information. If the event has been canceled or funds are not used, the funds will need to be returned to (or will be retained by) the Division of Student Life. 

All events receiving funding, in whole or in part, from the fund will need to indicate that the University is a sponsor of or contributor to the event and any advertising or publications (print or electronic) must reflect a contribution from the Miami University Special Events Fund.

Special Events Sample Budget

This is a sample of the expense and funding budget you should provide with your Special Events Fund request. Be sure your request from the Special Event Fund is as accurate as possible.

The Special Events Fund is not intended to cover “missing” expenses – if you request and are awarded $ 2,000.00 you will be given no more than $ 2,000.00 for the event. Also, if your event costs less than anticipated or you need fewer funds, the award can also be lowered. As all areas of the university, we have limited funds to award and need to be good stewards of the resource and ask your help in doing the same.

Sample Budget


Speaker and Travel Fees for Ms. Notable Person: $2,500.00

Refreshments for Event: $100.00

Publicity: $100.00

TOTAL: $2,700.00


Student Organization Funds: $500.00

Department X Support: $200.00

Total Funds and Sponsorship Provided: $700.00

Special Event Request: $2,000.00

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