CTE Departmental Liaisons

A CTE Department Liaison is someone who is knowledgeable about the CTE, usually a senior faculty member. They receive the CTE Weekly and a Liaison Communiqué (twice a month) and spend less than 30 minutes each month disseminating CTE information that suits their departments. We are grateful to our 2021-22 CTE Liaisons and appreciate you helping the CTE to fulfill its mission to promote teaching excellence!

Current Liaisons

A list of CTE Liaisons by department and name.
Department Liaison
Accountancy Sydney Shu
American Culture and; English Program Irena Kola
Anthropology Mark Peterson
Architecture and Interior Design Mary Ben Bonham
Art Dennis Cheatham
Biology Tracy Haynes
Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering Steve Keller
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Meredith Erb- Fall 2023

Ellen Yezierski - Spring 2024

Commerce Tom Mays
Comparative Religion Liz Wilson
Computer and Information Technology Eric Luczaj
Computer Science and Software Engineering Karen Davis
Economics Janice Kinghorn
Education and Society Dee Kinney
Educational Leadership Joel Malin
Educational Psychology Darrel Davis
Electrical and Computer Engineering Peter Jamieson
Emerging Technology in Business and Design Vanessa Cannon
Engineering Technology Abrisham Baf Reza
English Erin Edwards
Entrepreneurship Michael Conger
Family Science and Social Work Kate Kuvalanka
Finance Terry Nixon
French, Italian and Classical Studies Daniele Fioretti
Geography Mary Henry
Geology and Environmental Earth Science Claire McLeod
German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures John Jeep
Global and Intercultural Studies Walt Vanderbush
History Lindsay Schakenback Regele
Humanities and Creative Arts Cecilia Suhr
Information Systems and Analytics Jeffrey Merhout
Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies Michele Buchberger
Justice and Community Studies Theresa Conover
Kinesiology and Health Paul Branscum
Languages, Literature and Writing Leah Henson
Marketing Debbie Coleman
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Tammie Gerke
Mathematics Olga Brezhneva
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Mark Sidebottom
Media, Journalism and Film Annie-Laurie Blair
Microbiology Rachael Morgan-Kiss
Music Elizabeth Hoover
Nursing Britt Cole
Physics Carol Fabby
Political Science Monica Schneider
Psychology Brooke Spangler Cropenbaker
Social and Behavioral Sciences Barbara Oswald
Sociology & Gerontology Jennifer Kinney
Spanish and Portuguese Jose Dominguez-Burdalo
Speech Pathology and Audiology Amber Franklin
Sport Leadership and Management Adam Beissel
Statistics Lisa Werwinski
Theatre Marly Wooster