Transforming the Classroom and Student Learning wtih Experiential Learning

Eligibility: Faculty, librarians, staff and grad students

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: Monday, April 16, 2018

Purpose and Description

This FLC will explore engaging teaching methods to assist educators in their courses and to enhance their students’ participation and interest in the topic. We will share experiences in creative and experiential teaching, learn from each other, and learn from the current literature on transformative teaching. This FLC will also be experiential for the members as learners of the community.


  • Members may review existing literature on experiential and transformative learning. Together, we will compile an annotated bibliography on the top 10 selected articles.
  • Each member may develop and share with the FLC a brief presentation/example of how they have used experiential learning or how they want to use this approach in their classrooms.
  • Student associates will be invited to provide input on examples developed by this FLC. This will allow members to receive feedback from students prior to implementing the lesson in their classes.
  • The FLC may invite a guest speaker from the Office of Community Engagement on Service Learning as an example of experiential learning outside the classroom.
  • The FLC members may compile a resource with examples of experiential teaching to share with other faculty/educators at Miami. This may include: a resource guide, webinar, podcast or any other medium chosen by the FLC to share our findings.



  • Susan Baim, Commerce
  • Gabriela Bermudez, Arts and Science
  • Evelyn Covington, Associate VP & Dean of Students
  • Sharon Custer, Family Science & Social Work
  • Stephanie Danker, Art
  • Karleah Harris, Family Science & Social Work
  • Suzanne Klatt, College of Education, Health & Society
  • Claire McLeod, Geology and Environmental Earth Science
  • Mysore Narayanan, Engineering Technology
  • Terri Spahr Nelson, Family Science & Social Work; Facilitator
  • Jacqueline Rioja Velarde, Global Initiatives
  • Amy Roberts, Family Science & Social Work
  • Ziva Shachar, Student Affairs in Higher Education