Interculturality: Designing, Supporting, and Evaluating Global Miami Plan Intercultural Perspective Courses for Student Learning

Eligibility: Full and part-time faculty

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: Friday, April 19, 2019

Purpose and Description

The Interculturality: Designing, Supporting, and Evaluating Global Miami Plan Intercultural Perspectives for Student Learning FLC will focus on interculturality through careful study of the challenges and possibilities for the creation, support, and assessment of Intercultural Perspectives courses in undergraduate teaching and learning. The Intercultural Perspectives course requirement was part of the 2015 revised Global Miami Plan. The aim was to prepare students for effective citizenship in a diverse multicultural society in the US and beyond.


  • Members will attend FLC meeting every 2-3 weeks.
  • Members will have the opportunity to hear from and speak with guests from Miami University and nationally.
  • Members will read scholarly literature on interculturality in education, engage in intellectual discussion, and present.
  • Members will review our current definition of “Intercultural Perspectives” along with all relevant information currently utilized at Miami for proposing and evaluating these courses.
  • Members will each be engaged in starting or advancing progress on a teaching project or assignment that focuses on interculturality.
  • Members will plan how best to finalize deliverables and disseminating the information.
  • Members will have the opportunity to present to various groups their work and findings.



  • Phil Alexander, English
  • Sacha Bellman, Media, Journalishma and Film
  • Brenda Dales, Teacher Education
  • Jennifer Edwards, American Culture & English
  • Sandra Garner, Global & Intercultural Studies
  • Jill Gomez, Languages, Literatures & Writing
  • Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, Liberal Education; Facilitator
  • Janice Kinghorn, Economics
  • Mark Walsh, Kinesiology & Health