Lecturer Mentoring Program Development

Eligibility: Senior lecturers and lecturers

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: Monday, April 16, 2018

Purpose and Description

This FLC will focus on the development of a mentoring system for Teaching/Clinical Professors or Lecturers (TCPL) TCPL faculty are increasing (or at the cap) across the university, and these faculty are responsible for teaching a large number of courses, are often involved in curriculum development, and advise large numbers of students. Currently, there is no formal mentorship system for TCPL faculty; yet access to mentoring is important for TCPL faculty as these faculty navigate these responsibilities, departmental and university expectations, and promotion applications.


  • Explore research on and current practices of mentoring within the non-tenure track (through readings, Lilly Conference sessions, and a guest speaker)
  • Develop a proposal for a TCPL-focused mentoring system.
  • Allow participants to gain experience within a pilot TCPL mentorship relationship.
  • Guest speakers who have experience within a TCPL-focused (or inclusive) faculty mentoring system.



  • Jeannie Ducher, Teacher Education
  • Meredith Erb, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, Global and Intercultural Studies
  • Megan Gross, Speech Pathology & Audiology
  • Carrie Hall, Psychology; Facilitator
  • Tracy Haynes, Biology
  • Leah Henson, Languages, Literatures & Writing
  • Seyma Inan, College of Arts and Science
  • Norm Krumpe, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Nohelia Rojas-Miesse, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Joe Sampson, Media, Journalism and Film
  • Carolyn Slotten, Family Science & Social Work