"Weave the Story" Teaching Old Miami/New Miami

Eligibility: All instructors, VAPs and part-time; staff; graduate students; and librarians

Amount: Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds

Submission: Online Application

Due Date: May 15, 2021

Purpose and Description

This community is year-long exploration of Miami's history and traditions, the successes it has achieved, and the shared responsibility to understand as future generations of Miamians are educated. The FLC takes the question "What has happened here?" and aims to:

  • Inspire new conversations on Miami's history and traditions through an engaged conversation and exploration of Miami's written histories, oral interviews, and artifacts
  • Innovate new approaches to Miami's history, traditions, and culture that will engage faculty, alumni, staff and community shareholders in a conversation that may serve as a model for other institutions beginning similar conversations
  • Implement these approaches and conversations as new curriculum and teaching/learning resources across disciplines.


  • Members will engage with university historians and archivists and reflect on this learned history.
  • Members will consider how to weave Miami history into the classroom by creating meaningful lessons.
  • Members will connect with community partners to showcase learned history of Old Miami/New Miami. 


  • Elena Albarran, History
  • Sasha Bellman, Media, Journalism, & Film
  • Stephanie Danker, Art
  • Annie Dell'Aria, Art; Co-facilitator
  • Nathan French, Comparative Religion; Co-facilitator
  • Jason Palmeri, English
  • Carrie Sharitt, Biology
  • Cameron Shriver, History
  • Carolyn Slotten, Family Science and Social Working