Part-Time Educators Program (PEP)

Group of faculty at New Faculty Orientation in Marcum

Miami University is known for its teaching and the teaching expertise of its educators. Part-time faculty contribute to upholding the university's stellar teaching reputation. PEP offers faculty the opportunity to increase their teaching expertise and be compensated while doing it.

How does PEP work?

What is PEP?

We all have expertise in the subject matter that we teach. But how much of it are students actually learning? This is where the CTE can assist and be especially beneficial to part-time educators. CTE programs deal with teaching techniques and methods for enhancing the learning process. CTE brings presenters with nationwide credentials on scholarly teaching methods to lead seminars and workshops. CTE also hosts programs through which members of the Miami community can meet and exchange ideas and tips, as well as address problems which arise in teaching. And CTE maintains a library offering the latest publications on college teaching.

The CTE library, workshops, and seminars are open and available to all faculty/educators without charge. CTE events also provide a great way to meet other faculty on an informal basis.

The Part-time Enhancement Program (PEP) offers part-time faculty the opportunity to earn up to $300 in each academic year while improving their teaching. PEP is available to part-time faculty who teach on a semester-to-semester contract. When you register you will need to choose either the Seminar Attendance option or the Portfolio option. PEP funds can be used at any time during the academic year to purchase items that enhance teaching or for teaching-related travel such as conference expenses.  A number of faculty have also combined the funds with grants and funds from other sources to travel to conventions and meetings in their disciplines. Funds must be expended by June 1st.

Seminar Attendance Option

This option may be done annually.

  • Choose seminars from any of the sources listed on our CTE calendar of seminars and workshops.
  • Report your attendance to CTE no later than 15 days after the event date. CTE (Center for Teaching Excellence) sponsored events do not need to be reported.
  • A sum of $25 will be added to your PEP account for each seminar you attend. Funds must be used by June 1st.
  • If interested, contact the CTE (

Portfolio Option

This requires completion of a Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection teaching portfolio.  This option may only be done once. 

  • The faculty member documents something she/he learned from a professional development source and how the idea was used in teaching to meet basic competencies.
  • The reviewer looks at the reflection and the evidence (e.g., a new lesson plan) and marks that it has been completed.
  • The GC3 will give participants a certificate of portfolio completion in addition to PEP funds. 
  • If interested, contact the CTE (