Minor Teaching Project Proposal


Proposal Components

You will be required to submit the following information for your form to be processed completely:

  1. Name(s)
  2. Position(s): Faculty, Staff, Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student
  3. Department(s)
  4. Project Title
  5. Course, department, other groups affected
  6. Project start date
  7. Project end date
  8. Number of students affected by project each academic year
  9. Fund requested (maximum $300)

Project Description

Please describe the key components of your teaching and learning activity by addressing the items below. Please avoid discipline-specific language. People outside of your field will be reviewing your proposal. Prior to submission, develop your ideas in a Word document before importing your responses to Qualtrics.

  1. Describe the main goal of the project. Address how it will impact teaching and learning at Miami University or in your unit. Describe the university/departmental need(s) it addresses.
  2. Describe the funded activity and how it will achieve the goals stated above. If you are attending a conference, which panels or seminars do you anticipate will have pedagogical impact for your work, and how?
  3. Explain how your project is innovative.
  4. State how many students will be impacted and how you will know if project goals are met. (You can describe the evidence of student learning you plan to collect.)


  1. Provide a detailed budget and justification for your project.
  2. Indicate other sources of financial support you have obtained or are seeking.


Student applications should include a letter of support from a relevant faculty member.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects meeting these criteria will be recommended:

  • Aligned with department/university needs
  • Innovative
  • Project goal and activity are clearly articulated and aligned
  • Budget aligned with activity

Quick Facts

Maximum Grant Amount

The maximum for each grant is $300.


Please submit a completed proposal form